Making A Difference


i am somebody

I AM SOMEBODY is our mental health addition to the Lovely Ladies program. We instill in our member’s high self-esteem, confidence, and value by educating, loving, and supporting them. We provide the necessary tools, resources, and environment to achieve and maintain a healthy mindset.

Healthy living

HEALTHY LIVING is our health education addition to our Lovely Ladies program. we inform our member’s that healthy living is a lifestyle, it is not just eating health and exercising, it’s a mindset. We provide our member’s the road map to living a healthy lifestyle.

Let's talk money

LET’S TALK MONEY is our financial literacy addition to the Lovely Ladies program. We educate our members on the importance of credit in today’s society, hands-on banking, investing, and money management skills. We provide our members  with a financial blue print for success.


Ladies In Power would like to introduce "Jayzire Manns" as our spotlight member of the month. Jayzire is a high school junior at Downtown High school. We are celebrating her for making a commitment to bringing her GPA up from 1.50 to 4.00. Like she said hard work does pay off! Congratulations Jaz we're so PROUD of you!

We organize inclusive events for the community that educates and inspires.

It’s true, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Our Beauty Is Me event teaches young ladies to be confident, have high self esteem and love who they are. We teach the importance of loving yourself  and not letting social media or society define how you feel about yourself.



It’s Tea Time! Communication is key to having a great relationship. Our Mother & Daughter Tea Time event creates an environment for mother’s and daughter’s to connect, build and love on each other.  A mother should be her daughter’s first role model.



It’s a compliment to Fight Like A Girl! Our Annual F.L.A.G. event hosted by professional boxer Raquel “PRETTY BEAST” Miller teaches young ladies to be bold, brave, and unstoppable. F.L.A.G.  instills confidence, self worth, and value into our girls.

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