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Taneshia Miller

Taneshia Miller

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Taneshia Miller is a native of San Francisco Bay-View/Hunter’s Point Community. Ms. Miller is an excellent example to young people, especially young ladies, demonstrating that you can choose to not become a victim of your environment but that you can decide to live up to higher expectations of yourself. Although growing up in an underserved community, Ms. Miller did not allow herself to become entrapped by the many self-defeating lifestyles she observed many young people of her generation become enslaved and ultimately destroyed by.


Ms. Miller began working at the age of 15 at Yogurt Expressions, which was later renamed to Boulé Café, located in Bayview Hunter’s Point.

While working at the café she became fascinated with becoming an entrepreneur and owing her own business; she looked up to the owner of the café as a mentor. In 2003 Taneshia began her first entrepreneurial venture and started a vending machine business named 6 & 8 Vending.


In 2004 Taneshia was back working in Bayview Hunter’s Point as Personal banker at Wells Fargo Bank. Her return to this community ignited her desire to make a difference in the lives of young ladies.


In 2006 Ms. Miller founded LADIES IN POWER, a non-profit organization passionate about impacting the lives of young ladies with a deep desire to strengthen, educate, build self-esteem, and confidence.  Its mission is to cultivate young women’s highest potential.

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